Our Innovative Technology

With the rising demand for biomanufacturing and the growth of precision fermentation, there is an urgent need for optimal cultivation methods. Current optimization processes are often prohibitively expensive resulting in companies choosing for less optimal conditions, leaving a large potential for improvement of production efficiency. By making media optimization more accessible, efficient and cost-effective, our goal is to revolutionize media optimization and make it the new standard in bioprocessing.

AMLAMaiTE aims to not only reach the best culture conditions but also get there the fastest. Our state-of-the-art optimization approach is specifically chosen to reduce the number of iterations needed to reach optimal conditions which leads to quicker results at a reduced cost.

We use advanced Probabilistic Models to rapidly and efficiently determine the best culture conditions. Our algorithms outperform traditional optimization methods like Design of Experiments (DoE), saving time and resources while achieving superior results.

Growth data for the microbioreactor cultivation of Sporosarcina pasteurii with a media optimization of 8 media components

By implementing this advanced growth optimization model for bacteria, we achieve increases in biomass output, exceeding industry standards (DoE) by an increase of up to 30%. These simulation results were confirmed by our wet lab experiments with the bacterium Sporosarcina pasteurii with 8 media components.

Tailored Services for Your Needs

Partner with us in a way that best suits your needs –

Option 1: Full Process Outsourcing

We handle the cultivation of your strains and organisms, managing the entire optimization process so you can concentrate on your core activities.

Option 2: Data Processing

We process your experimental data to deliver optimized conditions for maximum production. Operating as a seamless extension of your existing process, we significantly enhance your results.